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  • Dolphin-M500-robotic-pool-cleaner

    Dolphin M500

    Keeping your pool clean is a painstaking job. Skimming, scrubbing and vacuuming can drain the enjoyment out of having a swimming pool. The Dolphin M500 robotic pool cleaner offers stress free cleaning at the touch of your fingertips. With its patented cleaning technology, your pool gets a deep clean, leaving water clear and sparkling.


    Green slimy algae got you down? No worries! With Focus Algicide, your battle against tough algae just got easier. Algae causes expensive filter fixes, unhealthy bacteria and dangerous toxins. This potent algaecide will keep your pool from blooming and help to ensure pool water safety. 

  • SPLASHME-SplashMe Pool Automation

    SplashMe Pool Automation

    Take your pool into the future with the SplashMe pool automation system. SplashMe provides you the latest in pH and ORP control all from the convenience of your smartphone!