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Cooke Quik Water Leveller

The Quik Water Leveller is built into your pool deck to automatically maintain the water level 24 hours a day. You’ll never need to worry about filling your pool again!

Cooke Water Witch

Take the easy option and fill your pool with the Water Witch electronic water leveller. The Water Witch lets you relax and enjoy your pool by keeping it full at all times.

Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator

The GVA-24 Hayward®/Goldline Valve Actuator rotates 2-port and 3-port valves automatically, taking all the guesswork out of managing the water flow through your pool system. Use it with control systems to automate pool/spa operation, cleaner operation, ...

Hayward Leaf Canister

Ruggedly built, Hayward® leaf/debris canisters are designed with the pool professional in mind. Choose the appropriate canister that fits your individual vacuuming applications.

Hayward PSV Diverter Valve

Modern swimming pools are no longer featureless rectangles - with the addition of features such as spa pools and waterfalls, it is important that water flow is managed carefully and accurately. The Hayward PSV Diverter and ...

WaterCo MultiCyclone

Waterco’s award winning MultiCyclone is a brilliant pre-filtration device that works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration. This pool and spa pre-filter is designed with no moving parts and does not require filter media to ...

WaterCo S75 Skimmer

The S75 skimmer is a general purpose skimmer which can be used in concrete, fibreglass and above ground pool installations. It has a built in overflow drain port to assist the prevention of flooding, during heavy ...

WaterCo SupaSkimmer

The SupaSkimmer is a large capacity skimmer box which is ideal for use in large domestic, semi commercial and commercial swimming pools. Because of its large capacity 5.9 litre debris collection it is also ideal for ...