Pool Levellers

Pool levellers provide automated water volume adjustment so you’ll never have to manually check and refill your swimming pool. Save water, protect your equipment and keep water balanced with state of the art levelling technology. Browse our range of top quality swimming pool levellers. Need advice on keeping your water level under control? Contact one of our specialists for free expert support.

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  • Cooke Quik Water Leveller

    Cooke Quik Water Leveller

    Automate your swimming pool water level with this efficient time saver! With the Quik Water Leveller, your pool water is always kept at the right level. Just install and forget while this automatic solution protects your pool equipment and keeps your water safe.

  • Cooke Water Witch

    Cooke Water Witch

    With all the pool duties blocking your fun time, it’s easy to get frustrated with owning a pool. The Water Witch allows you to automate the water level in your pool, crossing one more maintenance duty off your list forever! Save time on checking and replenishing water. Protect pool equipment and swimmers by keeping your pool water consistently levelled with this automatic pool leveler.