Pool Chlorine

Browse our range of top quality swimming pool chlorine and find your perfect solution to keeping your pool safe for swimmers. Choose from chlorine tablets, granular chlorine, stabilised chlorine and multi-use pool tablets. Need help with choosing the right chlorine product for your pool? Contact one of our specialists for free advice.

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  • Focus Multi Tabs

    1.5kg Focus Multi Tab Floater

    It’s easier than ever to maintain healthy pool water with the Focus Multi Tab Floater. Whether your pool is salt or freshwater, you can sanitise, clarify and prevent algae all with this formulation. Plus, with its easy adjustable dispenser, you can control how much is released for even the smallest pools.

  • 25Kg Focus Stabilised Chlorine 56%

    25kg Focus Stabilised Chlorine 56%

    Germ growth in your pool can lead to viruses and infections. Focus Stabilised Chlorine maintains healthy swimming conditions with its powerful and long-lasting formulation. This sanitiser is easy to use, so you can have safe water for everyone to enjoy in no time.

  • Focus Multi-Tabs

    Focus Multi-Tabs

    Managing swimming pool chlorination, algaecide and clarifier is no easy task. By using Focus Multi Tabs, your pool care routine becomes significantly easier. This 3in1 tablet works to keep your pool safe and clear with minimal effort.

  • Focus Pool Sticks

    Focus Pool Sticks

    Looking for a solution to time-wasting pool chlorination? Here it is: Focus Pool Sticks. These high quality pool tablets offer easy sanitation for reducing the time spent maintaining your pool. Pre-stabilisation means consistent available chlorine for safe swimmers.

  • Focus Pool Tablets

    Focus Pool Tablets

    Adding chlorine to your pool has never been this easy! No more measuring and pouring chemicals. Simply dispense Focus Stabilised Pool Tablets into your swimming pool and your sanitation duty is done!

  • Focus Stabilised Chlorine

    Focus Stabilised Chlorine

    Keeping your pool water clean is important to prevent harmful bacteria build up. With Focus Stabilised Chlorine, sanitising your pool is a simple and easy task. This powerful pH stabilised formula means more fun in the sun without the risk!

  • Focus Ultrachlor

    Focus Ultrachlor

    This 3in1 pool sanitiser offers a superior blend of sanitisers, oxidisers and clarifiers. Focus Ultrachlor kills nasty bacteria and algae build up while reducing dry, itchy skin and eyes. The addition of a fast acting clarifier will keep your pool sparkling all summer long.