Pool Cleaners

We only stock the highest quality swimming pool cleaning chemicals to help you maintain a healthy pool. Avoid scum and grime on your tiles, algae in your water and prolong the life of your filtration equipment with our range of cleaning supplies. Need help with choosing the right cleaning chemicals for your pool? Check our pool cleaning guide or contact one of our specialists for free advice.

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  • Focus Stain Off

    1kg Focus Stain Off


    Scaling and rust can turn a perfect spa pool into an unsightly mess. With Focus Stain Off you can easily remove stains and restore your spa for that ‘brand new’ look. This powerful formulation makes spa stains a drop in the ocean, leaving you relaxed and confident, ready for guests.

  • Focus Wipe Out

    1kg Focus Wipeout Stain Remover


    It’s easy to let pool maintenance fall behind sometimes, but pulling off the cover to find rust and scaling can feel like a death sentence for your pool. Don’t worry though, with Focus Wipeout Stain Remover, you can apply, scrub and remove these easily. Those last minute pool party plans are back on.

  • Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner

    5L Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner


    Cleaning your swimming pool cell can be dangerous. Hydrochloric acid can cause breathing problems and erode the metals inside your cell. Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner gives your cell a thorough clean without the harmful effects of Hydrochloric Acid. This liquid cell cleaner can be reused for multiple applications, giving you the ultimate combination of affordability and effectiveness!

  • Tile _ Vinyl Cleaner

    750ml Tile & Vinyl Cleaner


    Removing grime and scum lines from your pool can be frustrating. This easy to use tile and vinyl cleaner effectively removes stains and dirt build up – just spray and wipe. Prevent calcium scaling from eroding pool material causing costly fixes. Keep your pool safe by removing slippery algae with this powerful deep cleaning formula.

  • Focus Banish Phosphate Remover

    Focus Banish Phosphate Remover


    Removing algae from your pool can be frustrating, and sometimes you need a different approach. Focus Banish Phosphate removes algae’s food source from your pool, starving it of nutrients. Stop your pool from flowering by dramatically reducing your water phosphate levels.

  • Focus Filter Degreaser _ Cleaner

    Focus Filter Degreaser & Cleaner


    Keeping your pool’s filter clean is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy swimming environment. Prolong the life of your pool equipment and effectively kill harmful bugs. With Focus Filter Degreaser & Cleaner, your filter gets a deeper clean, helping it to perform at optimal conditions for longer.