Pool Algaecides

Algae in your pool can not only cause green water leading to a rather disappointing BBQ, but toxins can leach into your water making it unsafe. Stop your pool from looking unsightly and protect your swimmers by using one of our effective pool algaecides. Need help with algae in your swimming pool, but unsure what to do? You can read our complete guide on pool algaecide or contact one of our specialists for free advice.

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  • Focus Granular Blackspot

    1kg Focus Granular Blackspot

    Black spots can be a sign of dangerous algae blooming in your swimming pool. To prevent harmful effects such as algae toxicity and virus-causing bacteria, you need a powerful solution. Focus Granular Blackspot kills algae fast and attacks its root system for a complete algae fix. Control black algae blooms and protect your swimmers with this specialised black spot remover.

  • Algicide

    Focus Algicide 20%

    Green slimy algae got you down? No worries! With Focus Algicide, your battle against tough algae just got easier. Algae causes expensive filter fixes, unhealthy bacteria and dangerous toxins. This potent algaecide will keep your pool from blooming and help to ensure pool water safety. 

  • Focus Hydroclear

    Focus Hydroclear

    Whether you’re closing your pool for winter or struggling with tough algae blooms, Focus Hydroclear is an effective treatment. Save money on expensive pool fixes. Keep your pool bacteria free and clear your water for those after work swims!

  • Focus Powercide 4

    Focus Powercide 4

    Removing algae from your pool can be a daunting task. Focus Powercide 4 uses a powerful combination of different algae-removing chemicals. 

    Quickly and thoroughly rid your pool of algae build up. Prevent infections related to harmful bacteria and keep your swimmers safe by using this specialised formulation.