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Browse our hand-picked range of swimming pool shock products. Quickly remove oils, micro waste and chloramines for clearer water and reduced eye and skin irritation. For all-around better pool maintenance, choose from our premium selection of pool shock chemicals. Need help with choosing the right swimming pool shock? Contact one of our specialists for free advice. You can also check our step-by-step guide on how to shock a pool.

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  • Focus Clean n Swim

    500g Focus Clean n Swim


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    No one wants stinging eyes or itchy skin after a fun pool day, and what’s more, they’re totally avoidable. The Focus Clean n Swim non-chlorine shock eliminates chloramine from your pool, the cause of skin irritation, so you can keep the water clean, micro waste out and eyes, throats, and noses happy.

  • Focus Shock n Clear

    500g Focus Shock N Clear


    Contrary to popular belief, chlorine doesn’t cause stinging eyes and itchy skin, but low active chlorine does. Low active chlorine means high chloramine production, leading to uncomfortable skin and eye conditions. With Focus Shock ‘N’ Clear you can quickly remove chloramines and get back to happy swimming! Featuring added clarifier, this pool shock both decontaminates and clears your pool water for a value-packed deep clean.