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  • Hayward-Leaf-Canister

    Hayward Leaf Canister

    Keep your pool squeaky clean and prevent large leaves and debris from clogging your suction pool cleaner with the Hayward Leaf Canister.

    Prevent blockages that could limit your pool water flow and filtration leading to expensive problems.


  • Noria 10 stainless steel algae brush

    Noria 10″ Stainless Steel Algae Brush

    Slippery, slimy algae is a health and safety hazard when it blooms on swimming pool surfaces. In addition, algae growing under pool surfaces means fast wear and tear leading to expensive fixes. With the Noria Stainless Steel Algae Brush you can thoroughly clear your pool surfaces of nasty algae. No more risk of broken bones and missed summers, with this algae solution your pool is safe and clear, ready for fun!

  • Noria 18 pool broom

    Noria 18″ Pool Broom

    Pool brushing might seem like an unnecessary task but just like brushing your teeth, it should be done regularly. Brushing your pool surfaces prevents the build up and toxin release of algae, helps your filter catch waste and ensures that your water stays clear, safe and ready for you. The Noria Pool Broom’s premium nylon bristles are heavy duty enough to remove any pesky stains too, so both your water and your pool surfaces will shine.

  • Noria 8 Telescopic Pole

    Noria 8 – 16Ft Telescopic Pole

    Manual scrubbing, leaf scooping and vacuuming can be tough without the right tools. Leaning and bending to do a proper job isn’t ideal and now, it’s totally avoidable. The Noria Telescopic Pole extends up to 16 feet, so you can reach those tricky areas without risking your back (or falling in!) With a clarifier and premium pool brush, this pole makes pool maintenance easy.

  • Noria Ace Leaf Shovel heavy duty

    Noria Ace Leaf Shovel Heavy Duty

    Leaves and other debris left in your pool can cause all kinds of problems. With the Noria Leaf Shovel, your swimming pool water is left germ-free and clear blue. Save money on fixes caused by blockages and keep your pool looking it’s best with this superior swimming pool leaf scoop.

  • Noria brush vinyl vacuum head

    Noria Brush (Vinyl) Vac Head

    Vinyl liner pools need a special touch when it comes to cleaning. The Noria Vinyl Brush Vac Head is exactly that. The gentle bristles on this vinyl pool brush make it perfect for scrubbing and vacuuming your pool, without leaving holes. Keep your vinyl swimming pool clear and free from algae with this premium 2in1 maintenance solution. 

  • Noria Handover Kit Includes 13m Hose and Telescopic Pole

    Noria Handover Kit Includes 13m Hose and 8 – 16ft Telescopic Pole

    This 6in1 swimming pool cleaning kit has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Jam-packed full of high quality pool cleaning equipment, you will have everything you need to protect your investment – and your swimmers.


    Everything you need for effective pool cleaning in one convenient kit!

  • Noria-Leaf-Scoop-(Flat Mesh Skimmer)

    Noria Leaf Scoop (Flat Mesh / Skimmer)

    Regular swimming pool leaf scoops don’t always get the whole job done – and micro waste can build up over time causing damaged filtration systems and unsanitary water. With the thin-mesh net of the Noria Leaf Scoop, you can capture all the little nasties that find their way into your swimming pool before they cause any issues. Let pool debris be a thing of the past and protect your other pool equipment with the Noria Leaf Scoop.

  • Noria Replacement Net flat scoop

    Replacement Net – Flat Scoop

    Getting the swimming pool leaf scoop out of your shed, only to realise the net has ripped is frustrating. With this replacement net for flat scoops, you’ll be ready to replace at any time. Keeping your swimming pool clear from leaves and other debris consistently means safer water, and better results from your other pool cleaning equipment.