Leaf Skimmers

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  • Noria Ace Leaf Shovel heavy duty

    Noria Ace Leaf Shovel Heavy Duty

    Leaves and other debris left in your pool can cause all kinds of problems. With the Noria Leaf Shovel, your swimming pool water is left germ-free and clear blue. Save money on fixes caused by blockages and keep your pool looking it’s best with this superior swimming pool leaf scoop.

  • Noria-Leaf-Scoop-(Flat Mesh Skimmer)

    Noria Leaf Scoop (Flat Mesh / Skimmer)

    Regular swimming pool leaf scoops don’t always get the whole job done – and micro waste can build up over time causing damaged filtration systems and unsanitary water. With the thin-mesh net of the Noria Leaf Scoop, you can capture all the little nasties that find their way into your swimming pool before they cause any issues. Let pool debris be a thing of the past and protect your other pool equipment with the Noria Leaf Scoop.

  • Noria Replacement Net flat scoop

    Replacement Net – Flat Scoop

    Getting the swimming pool leaf scoop out of your shed, only to realise the net has ripped is frustrating. With this replacement net for flat scoops, you’ll be ready to replace at any time. Keeping your swimming pool clear from leaves and other debris consistently means safer water, and better results from your other pool cleaning equipment.

  • Replacement-Net – Leaf-Rake

    Replacement Net – Leaf Rake

    You reach for that swimming pool rake after a storm, only to realise there’s a giant rip! Keep a few of these replacement nets stocked in your shed, and you’ll never have to deal with ripped nets. Consistently keep your pool free from large debris and prevent cloudy, unsanitary water and filtration blockages.

  • Noria Replacement Net leaf shovel 1 scaled

    Replacement Net – Leaf Shovel

    Clearing your pool from leaves and debris is much easier with a leaf shovel. However, rips and holes in your net can mean procrastination with pool skimming. Not maintaining clear pool water means cloudy, unsafe water and potential breakages in your other equipment – like your filter or robotic pool cleaner. The simple solution? Keep a few of these replacement nets in your pool care kit and you’ll have no reason to get behind on your pool skimming. Keep your pool ready for spontaneous dips year round with these shovel replacement nets.