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  • WaterCo S75 Skimmer

    The WaterCo S75 Skimmer is your first line of defence against debris, waste and other contaminants. Keep your pool clear as day and shield against algae growth with this effective swimming pool skimmer. Enjoy money savings by protecting your pool pump from breaking. This skimmer offers easy pool maintenance for less stress and more splashing in the sun!


  • WaterCo-SupaSkimmer

    WaterCo SupaSkimmer

    Keeping your large pool clear and algae-free can be hard to manage. With the WaterCo SupaSkimmer, your swimming pool maintenance becomes much simpler. When you install this swimming pool skimmer you get better filtration for clear water, and less risk of algae blooms. And the benefits don’t stop there – by using this SupaSkimmer, you are prolonging the life of your pump and filter too. Get the most out of your equipment with the WaterCo SupaSkimmer.