Spa Pool Cleaners

Regular maintenance of your spa pool means keeping water balanced and clear However, the internal plumbing of your spa needs cleaning too! Without routine cleaning, the plumbing in your spa can become clogged with bio waste, contaminants and mineral deposits. Use an effective spa pool cleaner before draining your pool for clear, safe water everyone will love. Get free advice on pool cleaning chemicals by contacting one of our specialists today.

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  • OSPA anti foam 500ml


    Your friends are coming over for a BBQ tonight, but you pull off the spa pool cover only to be met with gross foamy water. What do you do? OSPA Anti Foam to the rescue! This fast acting spa pool foam killer uses powerful silicone agents to quickly remove foam from your spa water.

  • OSPA refresh pipe cleaner degreaser 500ml


    Cleaning spa pool pipes is commonly overlooked, but extremely important to your spa health. Prevent biofilm build up from ruining your spa water circulation and causing unhygienic water. Give your pool an effective deep clean with OSPA Refresh Pipe Cleaner.