Spa Blowers

Spa Blowers

A spa pool blower generates the air bubbles in spa water. The water comes out of air injectors or an air channel, producing those relaxing bubbles we all love. Spa blowers can be connected to spa jets through valve arrangements to produce more powerful hydromassaging effects. Need advice on spa setup?Contact one of our specialists for free expert support.

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  • WaterCo-WhisperAir-Blower

    WaterCo WhisperAir Blower

    Winding down from the stressors of daily life can seem impossible. With the WhisperAir Blower you can create a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere without having to pay for commercial facilities! This powerful spa pool blower produces strong air pressure that gently massages muscles and joints. Feel the reduction in stress and pain levels by installing this effective, yet remarkably quiet, spa jet blower.