Pool corrosion

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  • Focus PH increase 3 2kg


    An acidic pool makes for a bad swimming experience. Red itchy eyes and expensive pool accessory fixes aren’t fun. Use Focus pH Increase to safeguard your pool and it’s swimmers from the harmful effects of low pH levels.

  • Hayward SwinClear cartridge filter

    Hayward SwimClear™ Cartridge Filter

    Hayward’s newest addition to the SwimClear™ family is the SwimClear™ Cartridge Filter – the most efficient single element cartridge filter ever produced. For both new and aftermarket installations, the SwimClear™ captures more dirt than any other filter, for superior water clarity without the hard work.

  • Noria ROKXP salt-chlorinator

    Noria ROK:XP Salt Chlorinator

    Sanitising your pool is a job every pool owner could do without. All that testing, measuring and applying chlorine takes time and energy away from quality family time in the pool! With the Noria Rok Salt Chlorinator, manual swimming pool sanitation is a thing of the past. This automated pool chlorinator produces natural chlorine for dramatically reduced risk of stinging eyes and itchy skin. Not only does this automate your pool sanitation, the Noria XP cleans itself, saving you even more time.

  • Ozone Swim Degas Vessel

    Ozone Swim Degas Vessel

    A degas vessel will allow for a higher concentration of ozone to be used while ensuring that no ozone leaks into the pool water. The Ozone Swim Degas Vessel works by stopping unused ozone from returning to your pool, removing the potential for ozone to react with pool components and ensuring continued safe use of your pool.