Bellson PAL Driver Based Lights (4 Wire)


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  • Compact size. 60% smaller than normal pool lights. Only 84mm diameter.
  • Flush fit to the pool wall. Other lights protrude off the wall.
  • Even light distribution. No other light has a flexible moulded prismatic lens.
  • Side light feature. The end shadow effect common in other lights has been eliminated.
  • Long life lamp. These lights are fitted with a new extra bright 10,000 Hour 12V Xenon lamp.
  • No tools required to remove the light from the water. Other lights need tools to be removed.
  • Fully approved product. Approval No. CS6867N (Light) and N12432 (Transformer). UL Listed (E239438).
  • Patented self-aligning wall mounting system. Allows for 15° adjustment.
  • Non-leak water seal. No polycarbonate is used in the water seal, as this is known to crack when submerged underwater.
  • Flexible lens absorbs pressure increase due to the expanding air when light is operated.
  • Encapsulated cable terminations ensure no external cable or water seal deterioration due to heat.
  • The PAL also has a range of “Clip-On” coloured lenses. Blue, green, red and orange.
  • Short circuit proof IP64 transformer. A fuse is not required to protect the light.
  • Can be remote controlled by optional Powerite FM Radio Control Systems.
  • Optional colour lock LED globes. Can provide 6 fixed colours, 2 colour effects and 3 selectable start colours.
  • Made and designed in Australia.


Size 14"
Weight 52kg
Color Red
Body Plastic
Fuel Octen
Speed 4000/KMH


Adding lights to your pool is perfect for those hot summer night swims. With Bellson PAL Transformer Lights, you can enjoy dazzling pool lighting with long lasting durability. They include a wide selection of colour options to suit your preferences for flexible lighting effects. Make your pool glow without high power costs with these energy efficient pool lights.

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