2 year warranty

Dolphin Expert 2x2



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  • Dual brushing
  • CleverClean™ technology
  • Internal filtration
  • Remote controlled
  • Heavy duty design
Cycle time: 4 / 6 / 8 hours
Cable: 40m
Swivel on CABLE: Prevents cable tangling
Filtration: Dual-level filtration for fine and rough dirt
Combined brushes: Matches all pool terrains
Remote control: Set-up of parameters and cleaning programmes
Weight: 20kg
Suction rate: 32 M³ per hour
Motor unit voltage: 27 Vdc
Power supply – digital switch mode: <30 VDC; IP 54; full filter bag indicator; Operation delay
Caddy: Included
Warranty: 24 months or 3000 hours on all parts

The powerful dual cleaning power of the Expert Pro Gyro gives you the power of two robots in one. With smart navigation and dual brushing, your pool water is left bacteria free and sparkling blue. Fully automated for less scrubbing and vacuuming, letting you focus on important duties. Experience performance that other commercial robotic pool cleaners just can’t offer.

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