HAYWARD PSV Diverter Valve

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Modern swimming pools are no longer featureless rectangles – with the addition of features such as spa pools and waterfalls, it is important that water flow is managed carefully and accurately. The Hayward PSV Diverter and Check Valves help control both the direction and volume of water flow throughout your pool system to ensure that water remains at the perfect level, avoiding the possibility of your pool overflowing.

The Hayward PSV Diverter and Check Valves come in three different models: the 2-way and 3-way diverter valves, and the 2-way check valve. The 2-way diverter valve is designed to block the flow of water from one direction, while the 3-way valve is designed to divert incoming water flow from your pump to one of two of the different branches of your system’s plumbing. They both have a diverter mechanism to regulate the flow of water coming out of the valve. The check valve is designed for use with return and intake water flow.

The full-flow valves are available with either a 1½ “ or 2” internal fit. Sturdy CPVC or PVC construction ensures a long life and resistance to higher temperatures. The handle is removable without tools and allows for quick and easy port customization.

  • Easy dial index indicates the flow setting at a glance.*
  • Easy lock - locks into positioning with the tightening of just one knob.*
  • High performance CPVC or PVC construction ensures long life in both commercial and domestic applications.
  • Compatible with Hayward (and competitors’) valve actuators.
  • Available in sizes to suit most plumbing fittings.
  *2-way and 3-way diverter valves only

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P/No. Description RRP (excl. GST) RRP (incl. GST)
HD2W40 HAYWARD deluxe 40/50mm 2 way valve POA POA
HD3W40 HAYWARD deluxe 40/50mm 3 way valve POA POA
HCV40 HAYWARD 40/50mm Check Valve 40mm POA POA
HD2W50 HAYWARD deluxe 50/65mm 2 way valve POA POA
HD3W50 HAYWARD deluxe 50/65mm 3 way valve POA POA
HCV50 HAYWARD 50/65mm Check Valve 40mm POA POA