OZONE SWIM Degas Vessel


Ozone Swim Degas Vessel – For Regulating The Amount of Ozone in Your Pool


A degas vessel will allow for a higher concentration of ozone to be used while ensuring that no ozone leaks into the pool water. The Ozone Swim Degas Vessel works by stopping unused ozone from returning to your pool, removing the potential for ozone to react with pool components and ensuring continued safe use of your pool.

Here are some of the key features of the Ozone Swim Degas Vessel:
  • Safety first - the degas vessel will ensure that no excess ozone will leak into your pool water.
  • Prolongs equipment life by protecting them from potential corrosion.
  • Using a degas vessel will allow you the freedom to use an over-sized Ozone Swim Pool System without fear of extra ozone leaking.
  • This allows you to achieve a greater disinfection margin for cleaner, fresher water quicker.
  • Eliminates the bubble noise and visibility of bubbles in the pool.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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