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Shop our range of swimming pool products to keep on top of your pool circulation, chemistry and cleaning. We only stock the highest quality pool chemicals, parts and automation systems. Browse our selection or contact one of our pool specialists for free advice.


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  • Focus Multi Tabs

    1.5kg Focus Multi Tab Floater


    It’s easier than ever to maintain healthy pool water with the Focus Multi Tab Floater. Whether your pool is salt or freshwater, you can sanitise, clarify and prevent algae all with this formulation. Plus, with its easy adjustable dispenser, you can control how much is released for even the smallest pools.


    150g Focus Pink Sparklers


    Cloudy pool water is far from ideal, both aesthetically and in terms of hygiene. Luckily, it’s completely preventable with Focus Pink Sparklers. This swimming pool flocculant rapidly clarifies your pool water and lasts up to a month, so you can have beautiful clear water with minimal upkeep.

  • Focus Ultrasheen

    150ml Focus Ultrasheen


    Is your pool looking a little cloudy? We’ve got you covered. This easy-to-use swimming pool clarifier consists of concentrated water-clearing chemicals for thorough cleaning. Clumping tiny particles together so that they can be filtered, Focus Ultrasheen leaves your swimming pool sparkling clean.

  • Focus Granular Blackspot

    1kg Focus Granular Blackspot


    Black spots can be a sign of dangerous algae blooming in your swimming pool. To prevent harmful effects such as algae toxicity and virus-causing bacteria, you need a powerful solution. Focus Granular Blackspot kills algae fast and attacks its root system for a complete algae fix. Control black algae blooms and protect your swimmers with this specialised black spot remover.

  • Focus Stain Off

    1kg Focus Stain Off


    Scaling and rust can turn a perfect spa pool into an unsightly mess. With Focus Stain Off you can easily remove stains and restore your spa for that ‘brand new’ look. This powerful formulation makes spa stains a drop in the ocean, leaving you relaxed and confident, ready for guests.

  • Focus Wipe Out

    1kg Focus Wipeout Stain Remover


    It’s easy to let pool maintenance fall behind sometimes, but pulling off the cover to find rust and scaling can feel like a death sentence for your pool. Don’t worry though, with Focus Wipeout Stain Remover, you can apply, scrub and remove these easily. Those last minute pool party plans are back on.

  • OSPA EZI Balance

    1L Focus Ezi Balance


    Adjusting your spa pH levels isn’t always straightforward. The OSPA Ezi Balance helps your water resist changing pH levels, remain balanced and keeps nasty bacteria in check. This safeguard for your spa’s circulation and heating system makes sure that your equipment lasts longer and pool water is clean and clear.

  • 25Kg Focus Stabilised Chlorine 56%

    25kg Focus Stabilised Chlorine 56%


    Germ growth in your pool can lead to viruses and infections. Focus Stabilised Chlorine maintains healthy swimming conditions with its powerful and long-lasting formulation. This sanitiser is easy to use, so you can have safe water for everyone to enjoy in no time.

  • Focus Chlorine Out

    500g Chlorine Out


    Excessive chlorine in your pool is a bad thing. It can cause acidic water and corrosion to your pool equipment. With Focus Chlorine Out you can effectively balance chlorine levels in your pool water before problems occur. Keep your pool clear and safe with this fast-acting chlorine reducer.