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  • Noria-Handover-Kit-Includes-13m-Hose-and-8-16ft-Telescopic-Pole

    Noria Handover Kit Includes 13m Hose and 8 – 16ft Telescopic Pole


    This 6in1 swimming pool cleaning kit has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Jam-packed full of high quality pool cleaning equipment, you will have everything you need to protect your investment – and your swimmers.


    Everything you need for effective pool cleaning in one convenient kit!

  • Noria Leaf Rake (Deep / Bagged)


    Clearing your pool of leaves is an important part of maintenance, but not all swimming pool leaf scoops can get everything. Those small contaminants build up and can block your filter, murky your water and lead to an unsanitary pool – not ideal. 

    The Noria Leaf Rake reaches both the surface and floor of your pool, leaving no large debris behind. The replaceable net means you won’t have to worry about replacing the entire scoop, saving you money. With its unique tapered frame, swimming pool leaf scooping has never been this easy.

  • Noria-Leaf-Scoop-(Flat Mesh Skimmer)

    Noria Leaf Scoop (Flat Mesh / Skimmer)


    Regular swimming pool leaf scoops don’t always get the whole job done – and micro waste can build up over time causing damaged filtration systems and unsanitary water. With the thin-mesh net of the Noria Leaf Scoop, you can capture all the little nasties that find their way into your swimming pool before they cause any issues. Let pool debris be a thing of the past and protect your other pool equipment with the Noria Leaf Scoop.

  • Noria-ROKXP-Salt-Chlorinator

    Noria ROK:XP Salt Chlorinator


    Sanitising your pool is a job every pool owner could do without. All that testing, measuring and applying chlorine takes time and energy away from quality family time in the pool! With the Noria Rok Salt Chlorinator, manual swimming pool sanitation is a thing of the past. This automated pool chlorinator produces natural chlorine for dramatically reduced risk of stinging eyes and itchy skin. Not only does this automate your pool sanitation, the Noria XP cleans itself, saving you even more time.




    Keeping your spa pool consistently maintained can be a balancing act. With OSPA Bromine Tablets you get protection from stains and bacteria that could lead to expensive replacements. This powerful spa sanitiser contains high quality bromine, keeping your spa clear, clean and polished, ready any time you are.




    Your spa sanitiser can only go so far when it comes to keeping your spa clean and clear. With OSPA OxyShock Sanitiser your bromine gets a boost, keeping friends and family extra safe from unclean water. Clear that pesky organic waste from your spa with this shock sanitiser.

  • ospa-sanitiser



    Used for control of bacteria, viruses and protozoa in swimming pools and spas. This product is stabilised to increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools.

    Keep your spa water clean from algae, bacteria and other unwanted impurities by maintaining a safe amount of sanitiser.

  • Ozone-Swim-Degas-Vessel

    Ozone Swim Degas Vessel


    A degas vessel will allow for a higher concentration of ozone to be used while ensuring that no ozone leaks into the pool water. The Ozone Swim Degas Vessel works by stopping unused ozone from returning to your pool, removing the potential for ozone to react with pool components and ensuring continued safe use of your pool.

  • Maytronics Ozone Mineral Swin

    Ozone Swim Only Units


    Most people use chlorine to keep their pool clean and safe to use. But we all know the feeling of red eyes, itchy skin, strong smells, and other discomforts that come from swimming in a pool that has been treated with chlorine. Thankfully, it is now possible to have pool water that is safe to use without relying on copious amounts of chemicals. Ozone Swim pool systems provide you with a chemical-free alternative to pool and salt chlorinators.