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    Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems

    Keeping your pool water clean is an important part of owning and looking after a pool. However, doing it wrong can leave you with red eyes, itchy skin, and a general sense of discomfort. Although chlorine used to be the solution to maintaining a safe environment for enjoyment, there is now a better solution – ozone! Ozone Swim pool systems provide a chemical-free alternative to pool and salt chlorinators.

    Ozone Swim freshwater pool systems work by oxidizing your pool water with naturally-occurring ozone. This gives you better quality water without the hassle of adding chlorine and other chemicals.

    Ozone is the only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, and viruses found in pool water, far exceeding the number killed by chlorine and other water treatments.

    For a safe and healthy pool that ticks all the boxes, use Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems.

  • Replacement-Net – Flat-Scoop

    Replacement Net – Flat Scoop

    Getting the swimming pool leaf scoop out of your shed, only to realise the net has ripped is frustrating. With this replacement net for flat scoops, you’ll be ready to replace at any time. Keeping your swimming pool clear from leaves and other debris consistently means safer water, and better results from your other pool cleaning equipment.

  • Replacement-Net – Leaf-Rake

    Replacement Net – Leaf Rake

    You reach for that swimming pool rake after a storm, only to realise there’s a giant rip! Keep a few of these replacement nets stocked in your shed, and you’ll never have to deal with ripped nets. Consistently keep your pool free from large debris and prevent cloudy, unsanitary water and filtration blockages.

  • Replacement-Net – Leaf-Shovel

    Replacement Net – Leaf Shovel

    Clearing your pool from leaves and debris is much easier with a leaf shovel. However, rips and holes in your net can mean procrastination with pool skimming. Not maintaining clear pool water means cloudy, unsafe water and potential breakages in your other equipment – like your filter or robotic pool cleaner. The simple solution? Keep a few of these replacement nets in your pool care kit and you’ll have no reason to get behind on your pool skimming. Keep your pool ready for spontaneous dips year round with these shovel replacement nets.

  • Retro-Fit-Series-LED-Pool-Lights-GKRX

    Retro Fit Series LED Pool Lights: GKRX

    Upgrade your pool lights to LED in just 15 minutes. GKRX Retro Fit LED Pool Lights are so easy to install, anyone can do it. With patented Direct-Connect technology, low voltage and easy transformer installation, these pool lights take the hard work out of installing our lighting. Featuring MULTIPLUS and iRIS compatibility, you get a large selection of beautiful colours at the touch of a button. 

  • Retro-Series-LED-Pool-Lights-EMRX

    Retro Series LED Pool Lights: EMRX

    Looking for high quality pool lights for top performance and durability? The Retro Series EMRX LED Pool Lights deliver a wide spectrum of light coverage and run up to 70,000 hours! Get added colour options and control of your lights when coupled with MULTI PLUS and iRIS technology. 

  • SplashMe-Pool-Automation

    SplashMe Pool Automation

    Take your pool into the future with the SplashMe pool automation system. SplashMe provides you the latest in pH and ORP control all from the convenience of your smartphone!