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    5L Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner

    Cleaning your swimming pool cell can be dangerous. Hydrochloric acid can cause breathing problems and erode the metals inside your cell. Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner gives your cell a thorough clean without the harmful effects of Hydrochloric Acid. This liquid cell cleaner can be reused for multiple applications, giving you the ultimate combination of affordability and effectiveness!



    Your spa pool needs balance. When water becomes too alkaline, you risk expensive equipment fixes and unsafe water. OSPA pH Down slowly lowers pH to help your spa sanitiser keep your pool safe and clear. This effective pH lowering solution protects your spa equipment from blockages, saving you money on replacement costs.


    750ml Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

    Removing grime and scum lines from your pool can be frustrating. This easy to use tile and vinyl cleaner effectively removes stains and dirt build up – just spray and wipe. Prevent calcium scaling from eroding pool material causing costly fixes. Keep your pool safe by removing slippery algae with this powerful deep cleaning formula.

  • atom em series pool lights

    ATOM EM Series LED Pool Lights

    Light up your pool and add a touch of style with the Atom EM Series LED pool lights. These lights are suitable for concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools of all sizes. Compatible with the iRIS Lighting Controller, the Atom Series gives you full control over colour and brightness for perfect lighting no matter the occasion. Running at just 12 watts, these LED lights are extremely energy efficient, saving you money on your pool running costs.


  • pool-light-photo

    Bellson PAL Driver Based Lights (4 Wire)

    Adding lights to your pool is perfect for those hot summer night swims. With Bellson PAL Transformer Lights, you can enjoy dazzling pool lighting with long lasting durability. They include a wide selection of colour options to suit your preferences for flexible lighting effects. Make your pool glow without high power costs with these energy efficient pool lights.

  • Bellson-PAL-Transformer-Lights-(2 Wire)

    Bellson PAL Transformer Lights (2 Wire)

    Night time swimming is a fun option to have when owning a swimming pool. But, when adding lighting to your pool it’s important not to compromise on quality. These Bellson PAL Transformer Lights offer beautiful lighting effects paired with durability. They have a wide range of colour options, easily controlled from your mobile device!

  • Cooke Quik Water Leveller

    Automate your swimming pool water level with this efficient time saver! With the Quik Water Leveller, your pool water is always kept at the right level. Just install and forget while this automatic solution protects your pool equipment and keeps your water safe.

  • Cooke-Water-Witch

    Cooke Water Witch

    With all the pool duties blocking your fun time, it’s easy to get frustrated with owning a pool. The Water Witch allows you to automate the water level in your pool, crossing one more maintenance duty off your list forever! Save time on checking and replenishing water. Protect pool equipment and swimmers by keeping your pool water consistently levelled with this automatic pool leveler.

  • Dolphin-Expert-2x2

    Dolphin Expert 2×2

    The powerful dual cleaning power of the Expert Pro Gyro gives you the power of two robots in one. With smart navigation and dual brushing, your pool water is left bacteria free and sparkling blue. Fully automated for less scrubbing and vacuuming, letting you focus on important duties. Experience performance that other commercial robotic pool cleaners just can’t offer.