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  • Focus Protec chlorine stabiliser 1kg


    Stabilising your pool is an important part of pool care. By using Focus Protec Chlorine Stabiliser, your pool sanitiser is protected. Keep your pool clean and clear for longer, saving you time and money.

  • Focus quick flocculant clarifier


    That pool party you planned is just around the corner and your pool is a cloudy murky mess – what do you do? With Focus Quick Floc Clarifier, your pool will be sparkling within hours not days. 

    This pool floc works quickly to effectively clear your pool water leaving no stragglers behind. Your pool will be completely cleared fast, ready for entertaining guests!



    Keeping your pool water clean is important to prevent harmful bacteria build up. With Focus Stabilised Chlorine, sanitising your pool is a simple and easy task. This powerful pH stabilised formula means more fun in the sun without the risk!

  • Focus Ultrachlor scaled 5kg


    This 3in1 pool sanitiser offers a superior blend of sanitisers, oxidisers and clarifiers. Focus Ultrachlor kills nasty bacteria and algae build up while reducing dry, itchy skin and eyes. The addition of a fast acting clarifier will keep your pool sparkling all summer long.



    Clarifying your pool has never been easier with Focus Waterpolish Plus. With its powerful fast acting formula, your pool will be clear as day and ready for the whole family to enjoy!

  • Focus Water polish ultra 4in1


    Cleaning your pool just got easier! 

    Focus Waterpolish 4in1 offers phenomenal pool water cleaning by clumping all those pesky little particles together. Clarifier makes it easy for your filter to clear your pool. With the Focus Waterpolish 4in1 clarifier, cleaning your pool is easy as 1,2,3…4!

  • Hayward-AquaRite+ Salt-Chlorinator

    Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator

    The Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator is the most advanced option available to take care of your salt water chlorination needs. Not only does the AquaRite+ control the filtration pump with a magnitude of various on/off timer features, but it is fully expandable.

    The Hayward AquaRite+ is the world’s #1 selling salt chlorinator, and for good reason – it efficiently delivers you with luxuriously smooth pool water with none of the chemicals.

  • Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator

    Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator

    The GVA-24 Hayward®/Goldline Valve Actuator rotates 2-port and 3-port valves automatically, taking all the guesswork out of managing the water flow through your pool system.
    Use it with control systems to automate pool/spa operation, cleaner operation, water features, or a variety of other uses. The industry standard configuration of the GVA-24 means that it is compatible with most major manufacturer’s valves and pool automation systems.

    The unique cam setting feature ensures a quick and easy installation with the precise control of water flow. If you’ve got a Hayward 2- or 3-Port PSV Diverter Valve installed in your home pool then the Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator may well be the perfect solution for your pool.

  • Hayward-Inline-Tab-Feeder

    Hayward Inline Chlorine Tab Feeder

    The Hayward Inline Chlorine Tab Feeder is the most recognized pool chlorine feeder on the market. Ideal for both new pool constructions and aftermarket installations, these chlorinators can accommodate most capacity, plumbing, and space considerations.

    The Hayward automatic chemical feeder uses either large or small slow-dissolving Trichlor or Bromine tablets to disinfect pool water, leaving you with a safe, clean pool that you can spend less time working on and more time enjoying.