Distributor of New Zealand's leading pool supplies

Distributor of New Zealand’s leading pool supplies

Browse New Zealand’s highest quality pool chemicals, robotic cleaners, automation systems and parts at the best prices.

Owning a pool can be a balancing act.

There’s stabilising water chemistry, controlling energy costs, cleaning and handling algae to consider.

At Dolphin Pacific, we take the complexity out of pool maintenance by providing you with the tools and information you need to simplify your swimming pool. 

Robotic pool cleaners.

Stop manually scrubbing and vacuuming your pool and make cleaning easier with smart robotic pool cleaning technology. Our robotic pool cleaners help you to:

  • Reduce time and energy spent cleaning your pool.
  • Get a polished, sparkling clean pool without the effort.
  • Prevent algae.
  • Dramatically improve water clarity.

Pool automation.

Get perfectly balanced water and reduce energy costs with minimal effort by automating your pool and spa. Our systems include salt chlorinators and full pool automation technology that are proven to:

  • Reduce time spent on pool maintenance.
  • Consistently balance pool water chemistry.
  • Make your pool easier to manage.
  • Reduce energy consumption.

Pool chemicals.

Kill algae and get clear water with our premium selection of pool chemicals. Find everything you need including algaecides, clarifiers, shock and chlorine.

  • Clear algae.
  • Clarify water.
  • Balance chemistry.
  • Sanitise water.
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Unparalleled Expertise & Support.

With over 70 years of combined experience, you can rely on us for the best swimming pool advice. Our team of experts are here to support you with any questions you have about your pool.

Warranties & Returns.

Our products come with industry-leading warranties so you can buy with confidence.
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Ready to simplify your pool?