Pool Balancers

Maintaining balanced pool water is a crucial part of owning a pool. With our high-quality range of pool balancing chemicals, your water is kept sparkling clear and safe for swimmers. Find everything you need to manage water hardness, balance pH levels, increase chlorine effectiveness, along with managing mineral and metal levels. Need help with balancing your pool chemicals, but unsure what to do? Contact one of our specialists for free advice. .

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  • Focus Chlorine Out

    500g Chlorine Out

    Excessive chlorine in your pool is a bad thing. It can cause acidic water and corrosion to your pool equipment. With Focus Chlorine Out you can effectively balance chlorine levels in your pool water before problems occur. Keep your pool clear and safe with this fast-acting chlorine reducer.

  • Focus Aquashield 3

    Focus Aquashield 3

    Pool scaling not only looks bad, but can lead to costly damage to pumps. Focus Aquashield3 removes tough calcium deposits from your pool’s pipes and walls. With proper calcium control, you can prevent costly mistakes and unhygienic water. 

  • Focus Cal Plus Calcium Chloride

    Focus Cal Plus Calcium Chloride

    Calcium hardness is the single most under tested component of pool chemistry. Low pool water calcium levels rapidly depreciate pool equipment. Stop calcium from burning a hole in your wallet with Focus Cal Plus.


    Focus Dry Acid

    Lowering the pH of your pool can be a daunting task. Focus Dry Acid lets you easily keep your swimming pool’s pH at healthy levels, keeping your pool water and swimmers safe.

  • Focus PH Buffer

    Focus pH Buffer

    Adjusting your pool water pH levels can be a complex process, but with Focus pH Buffer it doesn’t have to be. Easily control the acidity and alkalinity of your pool water and consistently maintain healthy pH levels with this effective pH buffer.

  • Focus PH Increase

    Focus pH Increase

    An acidic pool makes for a bad swimming experience. Red itchy eyes and expensive pool accessory fixes aren’t fun. Use Focus pH Increase to safeguard your pool and it’s swimmers from the harmful effects of low pH levels.

  • Screenshot_2

    Focus Protec Chlorine Stabiliser

    Stabilising your pool is an important part of pool care. By using Focus Protec Chlorine Stabiliser, your pool sanitiser is protected. Keep your pool clean and clear for longer, saving you time and money.