Pool Automation

Pool Automation

Swimming pool automation systems allow you to control and maintain your pool from your smartphone. Take the hassle out of owning a pool by automating chemical application and water balancing with “sense and dispense” compatibility. Control your pump, heater, lights and more for time and power savings. Need advice on automating your pool? Contact one of our specialists for free expert support.

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  • Cooke Quik Water Leveller

    Automate your swimming pool water level with this efficient time saver! With the Quik Water Leveller, your pool water is always kept at the right level. Just install and forget while this automatic solution protects your pool equipment and keeps your water safe.

  • Cooke-Water-Witch

    Cooke Water Witch

    With all the pool duties blocking your fun time, it’s easy to get frustrated with owning a pool. The Water Witch allows you to automate the water level in your pool, crossing one more maintenance duty off your list forever! Save time on checking and replenishing water. Protect pool equipment and swimmers by keeping your pool water consistently levelled with this automatic pool leveler.

  • Hayward-AquaRite+ Salt-Chlorinator

    Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator

    The Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator is the most advanced option available to take care of your salt water chlorination needs. Not only does the AquaRite+ control the filtration pump with a magnitude of various on/off timer features, but it is fully expandable.

    The Hayward AquaRite+ is the world’s #1 selling salt chlorinator, and for good reason – it efficiently delivers you with luxuriously smooth pool water with none of the chemicals.

  • Hayward-Inline-Tab-Feeder

    Hayward Inline Chlorine Tab Feeder

    The Hayward Inline Chlorine Tab Feeder is the most recognized pool chlorine feeder on the market. Ideal for both new pool constructions and aftermarket installations, these chlorinators can accommodate most capacity, plumbing, and space considerations.

    The Hayward automatic chemical feeder uses either large or small slow-dissolving Trichlor or Bromine tablets to disinfect pool water, leaving you with a safe, clean pool that you can spend less time working on and more time enjoying.

  • Hayward-OmniLogic-Smart-Pool-&-Spa-Automation

    Hayward OmniLogic Smart Pool & Spa Automation

    The Hayward OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control pool automation system is the future in pool control, and brings you the ability to manage every facet of your pool from the comfort of your electronic device – no matter where you are.

    With the Hayward OmniLogic at your fingertips, you can control nearly any aspect of your pool and backyard from one device, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time running it.

  • Noria-ROKXP-Salt-Chlorinator

    Noria ROK:XP Salt Chlorinator

    Sanitising your pool is a job every pool owner could do without. All that testing, measuring and applying chlorine takes time and energy away from quality family time in the pool! With the Noria Rok Salt Chlorinator, manual swimming pool sanitation is a thing of the past. This automated pool chlorinator produces natural chlorine for dramatically reduced risk of stinging eyes and itchy skin. Not only does this automate your pool sanitation, the Noria XP cleans itself, saving you even more time.

  • Ozone-Swim-Degas-Vessel

    Ozone Swim Degas Vessel

    A degas vessel will allow for a higher concentration of ozone to be used while ensuring that no ozone leaks into the pool water. The Ozone Swim Degas Vessel works by stopping unused ozone from returning to your pool, removing the potential for ozone to react with pool components and ensuring continued safe use of your pool.

  • Ozone-Swim-Only-Units

    Ozone Swim Only Units

    Most people use chlorine to keep their pool clean and safe to use. But we all know the feeling of red eyes, itchy skin, strong smells, and other discomforts that come from swimming in a pool that has been treated with chlorine. Thankfully, it is now possible to have pool water that is safe to use without relying on copious amounts of chemicals. Ozone Swim pool systems provide you with a chemical-free alternative to pool and salt chlorinators.

  • Ozone Swim pH Swim image

    Ozone Swim pH Swim

    The Ozone Swim pH Swim is an absolute must have for any Ozone pool system.  The pH Swim is an automatic pH controller, designed to automate dosing levels of acid to achieve optimum pH levels in your pool.  Manual dosing can be hard work and is nearly impossible to get right – take out the guesswork by picking yourself up an Ozone Swim pH Swim today!