Etatron Epool ORP/RX


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  • Peristaltic Pump with built in pH or Rx controller
  • Flow rates up to 3 L/H
  • Operating pressures of up to 3 Bar
  • Proportional dosing
  • Alarm output relay (Overdose and low level alarms)
  • Level switch input (with alarm output relay; supplied with level probe)
  • Includes accessory/installation kit (comprises pH or Redox probe, probe holder, buffer solutions, saddle clamps, level probe, injection valve, foot filter and suction/discharge tubing)
  • pH measurement from 5-9 pH
  • Rx Measurement -300 to +900 mV
  • Set point selection
  • Hysteresis
  • Pump activation delay
  • Alarm relay output
  • On/Off proportional dosing

The Etatron Epool pH is a peristaltic dosing pump with in-built redox control, to take the work out of managing your pool’s Redox.

The Epool Rx adapts its output based upon the Redox reading of your pool, so you don’t need  to carry out manual monitoring and adjustments.

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