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Spa Electrics creates and produces premium underwater LED lights for swimming pools, both new and existing ones. Using Spa Electrics LED lights will bring your swimming pool experience to the next level, with brilliant colors and energy saving products.

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  • ATOM EM Series LED Pool Lights

    ATOM EM Series LED Pool Lights

    Light up your pool and add a touch of style with the Atom EM Series LED pool lights. These lights are suitable for concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools of all sizes. Compatible with the iRIS Lighting Controller, the Atom Series gives you full control over colour and brightness for perfect lighting no matter the occasion. Running at just 12 watts, these LED lights are extremely energy efficient, saving you money on your pool running costs.


  • Spa-Electrics-iRIS-Lighting-Controller

    iRIS Lighting Controller

    With four colour modes, seven colour options and brightness settings, this iRIS Lighting Controller gives you choices for every mood and occasion. 

    Designed for new or existing pools, and quick and easy to install.

  • Retro Fit Series LED Pool Lights- GKRX

    Retro Fit Series LED Pool Lights: GKRX

    Upgrade your pool lights to LED in just 15 minutes. GKRX Retro Fit LED Pool Lights are so easy to install, anyone can do it. With patented Direct-Connect technology, low voltage and easy transformer installation, these pool lights take the hard work out of installing our lighting. Featuring MULTIPLUS and iRIS compatibility, you get a large selection of beautiful colours at the touch of a button. 

  • Retro Series LED Pool Lights- EMRX

    Retro Series LED Pool Lights: EMRX

    Looking for high quality pool lights for top performance and durability? The Retro Series EMRX LED Pool Lights deliver a wide spectrum of light coverage and run up to 70,000 hours! Get added colour options and control of your lights when coupled with MULTI PLUS and iRIS technology.