Salt chlorinator

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  • Etatron eTwin-S

    Etatron E-Twin-S

    The eTwin-S is a dual dosing pump with peristaltic and solenoid build options.

  • Etraton ePool PH

    Etatron Epool ORP/RX

    The Etatron Epool pH is a peristaltic dosing pump with in-built redox control, to take the work out of managing your pool’s Redox.

    The Epool Rx adapts its output based upon the Redox reading of your pool, so you don’t need  to carry out manual monitoring and adjustments.

  • Focus Pool Tablets

    Focus Pool Tablets

    Adding chlorine to your pool has never been this easy! No more measuring and pouring chemicals. Simply dispense Focus Stabilised Pool Tablets into your swimming pool and your sanitation duty is done!

  • Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator

    Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator

    The Hayward AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator is the most advanced option available to take care of your salt water chlorination needs. Not only does the AquaRite+ control the filtration pump with a magnitude of various on/off timer features, but it is fully expandable.

    The Hayward AquaRite+ is the world’s #1 selling salt chlorinator, and for good reason – it efficiently delivers you with luxuriously smooth pool water with none of the chemicals.

  • Noria ROKXP salt-chlorinator

    Noria ROK:XP Salt Chlorinator

    Sanitising your pool is a job every pool owner could do without. All that testing, measuring and applying chlorine takes time and energy away from quality family time in the pool! With the Noria Rok Salt Chlorinator, manual swimming pool sanitation is a thing of the past. This automated pool chlorinator produces natural chlorine for dramatically reduced risk of stinging eyes and itchy skin. Not only does this automate your pool sanitation, the Noria XP cleans itself, saving you even more time.