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Find all the pool accessories you need to keep your pool running smoothly. Browse our large selection of pool parts and add-ons to help you maintain your pool like a pro. Get free advice on pool parts and accessories by contacting one of our specialists today.

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  • Noria Flexi Vac Head

    Noria Flexi Vac Head

    A pool vacuum needs to pick up as much micro waste as possible and for that, you need power. The Noria Flexi Vac Head is equipped with strong suction technology to ensure nothing gets missed and your water’s shine is restored and protected for the long-term.

  • Noria Floating Tablet Dispenser 7 Inch (Bromine)

    Noria Floating Tablet Dispenser 7 Inch (Bromine)

    Keeping your spa pool safe can seem like a full time job. With our floating tablet dispenser, you can maintain healthy spa water conditions with little effort. Just add tablets, adjust the collar to the required level and relax while the dispenser does all the work for you.

  • Noria Floating Thermometer

    Noria Floating Thermometer

    Freezing water can put a dampener on that much needed summer soak. With the Noria Floating Thermometer, you can accurately control the temperature of your pool, meaning your swimmers won’t freeze. Plus, you can quickly diagnose problems with your pool heater by keeping a check on your water temperature.

  • Noria Handover Kit Includes 13m Hose and Telescopic Pole

    Noria Handover Kit Includes 13m Hose and 8-16ft Telescopic Pole

    This 6in1 swimming pool cleaning kit has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Jam-packed full of high quality pool cleaning equipment, you will have everything you need to protect your investment – and your swimmers.


    Everything you need for effective pool cleaning in one convenient kit!

  • Noria Leaf Rake (Deep _ Bagged)

    Noria Leaf Rake (Deep / Bagged)

    Clearing your pool of leaves is an important part of maintenance, but not all swimming pool leaf scoops can get everything. Those small contaminants build up and can block your filter, murky your water and lead to an unsanitary pool – not ideal. 

    The Noria Leaf Rake reaches both the surface and floor of your pool, leaving no large debris behind. The replaceable net means you won’t have to worry about replacing the entire scoop, saving you money. With its unique tapered frame, swimming pool leaf scooping has never been this easy.

  • Noria Ace:S heavy duty leaf scoop

    Noria Leaf Scoop (Flat Mesh / Skimmer)

    Regular swimming pool leaf scoops don’t always get the whole job done – and micro waste can build up over time causing damaged filtration systems and unsanitary water. With the thin-mesh net of the Noria Leaf Scoop, you can capture all the little nasties that find their way into your swimming pool before they cause any issues. Let pool debris be a thing of the past and protect your other pool equipment with the Noria Leaf Scoop.

  • Replacement Net – Flat Scoop

    Replacement Net – Flat Scoop

    Getting the swimming pool leaf scoop out of your shed, only to realise the net has ripped is frustrating. With this replacement net for flat scoops, you’ll be ready to replace at any time. Keeping your swimming pool clear from leaves and other debris consistently means safer water, and better results from your other pool cleaning equipment.

  • The Acoustic Box

    The Acoustic Box

    The Acoustic Box is a state-of-the-art, soundproof container for your pool pump and filter.

    Lined with high-quality soundproofing foam, it reduces 70-80% of pump and filter noise for serene swimming and whisper-quiet operations.