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  • Sequest Water Hardness Control 10k

    10kg Sequest Water Hardness Control

    Hard swimming pool water can cause all sorts of problems. From clogged pipes to poor sanitation, controlling water hardness is essential to a healthy pool. This effective swimming pool water softener attracts minerals and stops them from making water hard. Use Sequest Water Hardness Control to protect your pool and keep water clear and safe.

  • OSPA Serenity fragrant water softener 500g


    Spa fixes and replacements can be expensive. With Serenity Fragrant Water Softener, you can lengthen the life of your spa by reducing mineral buildup. This fresh smelling water softener keeps your spa water safe and clear by effectively absorbing calcium and magnesium. 

  • Pool filter media EcoClear

    EcoClear™ Glass Pool Filter Media

    This glass pool filter media offers the absolute best in swimming pool filtration. Save 50% more water when compared to sand filters. Glass media provides extremely effective filtering, keeping your pool cleaner and clearer for longer. Reduce the amount of waste ending up landfill and support marine life with an EcoClear glass pool media filter.