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Learn How To Use Spa Clarifier [Guide]

Cloudy water in your spa pool is far from ideal. You’d probably like it gone double quick. Using spa clarifier can help you with that, but it shouldn’t be a long-term fix. In this guide, we’ll chat you through spa clarifier tricks so that you can enjoy a sparkling fresh and clean spa water. 

In this spa clarifier guide, you’ll find:

What Is A Spa Clarifier And What Does It Do?

Spa water clarifier is a ready-to-pour liquid chemical. You can easily add to your spa pool to alleviate a very common problem: cloudy spa water.

What makes cloudy water so elusive is that it is made up of microscopic debris that is simply too small to be filtered out. 

It’s like trying to remove clouds from the sky – practically impossible. Enter, clarifier. Clarifier works by binding together these tiny particles and microscopic debris into big enough streams of clouds to be picked up by the filter and cleared out of the spa pool.

Why is My Spa Water Cloudy?

Before you add a clarifier to your spa pool, you need to know which underlying problems may be causing your water to be cloudy. After all, you don’t want a repeat if you can help it, right?

Clarifiers will work best when the rest of your pool maintenance is all in sync. 

There are a few causes of cloudy spa water: 

  • Algae: Living and dead algae (which often appears white) may be concentrated in the water. 
  • Debris: If you have foliage or other things around your spa pool that can fall or blow into it, the water may appear cloudy.   
  • Body oils and lotions: If your spa bathers have shed a little too much of their skin products while soaking, the water may be cloudy. 
  • Low sanitiser levels: If chlorine, bromine or pool salt levels are too low, the water may look murky. 
  • Poor spa water chemistry: High pH or alkalinity and incorrect calcium or cyanuric acid levels may cause cloudy water. 

You can add a spa clarifier as a ‘quick fix’ for all of these causes of cloudy water. We recommend doing this if you’re short on time and have eager bathers coming over soon to enjoy your spa! Clarifiers can be a life saver in these moments, even for a pool pro.

Just remember, it’s not a long-term solution. Be sure that you understand what’s going on in your spa pool and take the time to fix underlying problems when your last guests of the weekend have left. 

Later in this guide we’ve included some clarifier alternatives and things you need to consider for longer-term spa maintenance.

How to Add Clarifier to Your Spa: Step-by-Step

Let’s get clarifying! 

  1. First, turn on your pool pump. Keep it running 24/7 until your spa pool is completely clear (this can take a few hours, depending on how cloudy it is to start with).
  2. Turn off your air valves. This will help keep the clarifier concentrated in the water.
  3. Test your pool with a pool testing kit. Make sure your water chemistry is balanced: this means pH, alkalinity and sanitiser levels. The pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6, and alkalinity should be between 80 and 125 ppm.
  4. Add chemicals, including the spa water clarifier. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Measure the chemicals properly, and add only one chemical at a time. 
  5. Leave your spa pool uncovered for at least 15 minutes after you’ve added the chemicals. This is because they need to ‘off-gas’, a process where they literally let off gas in order to get to work. You don’t want to trap this gas under your spa pool cover, so let it freely evaporate into the air before closing up again.
  6. Leave the spa pool jets running (even after closing the lid). Let your spa pool water circulate freely so that the chemicals can do their work properly.

The good news is, you shouldn’t be out of the pool too long.

How Long Does Spa Clarifier Take to Work?

It really depends on what you use. In a Swimming Pool flocculants can be faster and do a similar job. Read more about those here in the flocculant guide.

About an hour with the jets running should be enough time for the added sanitiser to mix with your spa water and run through the jets enough times to be completely clean.

However, you can safely jump into the spa again after about 20 minutes while the water circulation is still doing its job.

Is it safe to enter a cloudy spa pool? Yes. It actually helps the water circulation as your moving body will create waves which will flush the water through the jets faster. Generally, though, you don’t want to soak in anything that’s not crystal clear, so if you can wait a while before hopping in, it’s better to do so.

Fix Your Cloudy Water For Good

By now you know that a spa clarifier is great when you want to quickly clear your spa water so that you can have a clean dip or soak. However, it doesn’t address the underlying reasons that your spa water is cloudy in the first place, or prevent it from becoming cloudy again in the future.

If you notice that your spa pool is chronically cloudy, make sure you follow the rest of the cleaning steps to tackle any underlying issues that may keep arising.

Always go back to these steps to diagnose problems with your pool:

  1. Test and balance your water.
  2. Check sanitiser level and balance.
  3. Shock the pool.
  4. Add a spa pool clarifier if required. 
  5. And if this still doesn’t work… Drain and refill your hot tub!

Here you can find all the spa pool chemicals you need, while here you can read our spa cleaning guide. 

Clarify Your Spa Today!

A spa clarifier is a product that every pool owner should have handy in their garden shed. 

It’s a last-minute party’s best friend, just like our friendly pool professionals here at Dolphin Pacific.  If you have further questions about looking after your spa, feel free to contact us or head into your local pool shop.

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