Pool Clarifiers

Our range of top quality swimming pool clarifiers and flocculants offer consistently clear water without the hassle. These coagulants clump sunblock, oils, pathogenic bacteria together ready to be picked up by your filter or vacuum. Need help with clarifying your swimming pool, but unsure what to do? Contact one of our specialists for free advice. Check also our updated guides about pool flocculant and pool clarifier.

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    150g Focus Pink Sparklers


    Cloudy pool water is far from ideal, both aesthetically and in terms of hygiene. Luckily, it’s completely preventable with Focus Pink Sparklers. This swimming pool flocculant rapidly clarifies your pool water and lasts up to a month, so you can have beautiful clear water with minimal upkeep.

  • Focus Ultrasheen

    150ml Focus Ultrasheen


    Is your pool looking a little cloudy? We’ve got you covered. This easy-to-use swimming pool clarifier consists of concentrated water-clearing chemicals for thorough cleaning. Clumping tiny particles together so that they can be filtered, Focus Ultrasheen leaves your swimming pool sparkling clean.

  • Focus Bling Clarifier

    Focus Bling Clarifier


    Keep your pool water clear with minimal effort! With Bling clarifying tablets you no longer have to spend time measuring and applying clarifiers to your pool. These single dose clarifying tablets go straight into your skimmer basket, that’s it!

  • Focus Granual Pool Floc 2kg

    Focus Granular Pool Floc


    Sometimes ordinary swimming pool water clarifiers just don’t cut the mustard. Focus Granular Pool Floc clears hard-to-clean pool water up to 9x faster than regular clarifiers. Refresh your pool quickly so that you can get back to swimming!

  • Focus Quick Floc Clarifier

    Focus Quick Floc Clarifier


    That pool party you planned is just around the corner and your pool is a cloudy murky mess – what do you do? With Focus Quick Floc Clarifier, your pool will be sparkling within hours not days. 

    This pool floc works quickly to effectively clear your pool water leaving no stragglers behind. Your pool will be completely cleared fast, ready for entertaining guests!

  • Focus Water Polish Plus Clarifier

    Focus Water Polish Plus Clarifier


    Clarifying your pool has never been easier with Focus Waterpolish Plus. With its powerful fast acting formula, your pool will be clear as day and ready for the whole family to enjoy!

  • Focus WaterPolish Ultra 4 In 1

    Focus WaterPolish Ultra 4 in 1


    Cleaning your pool just got easier! 

    Focus Waterpolish 4in1 offers phenomenal pool water cleaning by clumping all those pesky little particles together. Clarifier makes it easy for your filter to clear your pool. With the Focus Waterpolish 4in1 clarifier, cleaning your pool is easy as 1,2,3…4!