Pool Chemicals

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  • Focus Shock n Clear

    500g Focus Shock N Clear

    Contrary to popular belief, chlorine doesn’t cause stinging eyes and itchy skin, but low active chlorine does. Low active chlorine means high chloramine production, leading to uncomfortable skin and eye conditions. With Focus Shock ‘N’ Clear you can quickly remove chloramines and get back to happy swimming! Featuring added clarifier, this pool shock both decontaminates and clears your pool water for a value-packed deep clean.

  • Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner

    5L Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner

    Cleaning your swimming pool cell can be dangerous. Hydrochloric acid can cause breathing problems and erode the metals inside your cell. Focus Saf-T-Cell Cleaner gives your cell a thorough clean without the harmful effects of Hydrochloric Acid. This liquid cell cleaner can be reused for multiple applications, giving you the ultimate combination of affordability and effectiveness!

  • Tile _ Vinyl Cleaner

    750ml Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

    Removing grime and scum lines from your pool can be frustrating. This easy to use tile and vinyl cleaner effectively removes stains and dirt build up – just spray and wipe. Prevent calcium scaling from eroding pool material causing costly fixes. Keep your pool safe by removing slippery algae with this powerful deep cleaning formula.

  • Algicide

    Focus Algicide 20%

    Green slimy algae got you down? No worries! With Focus Algicide, your battle against tough algae just got easier. Algae causes expensive filter fixes, unhealthy bacteria and dangerous toxins. This potent algaecide will keep your pool from blooming and help to ensure pool water safety. 

  • Focus Aquashield 3

    Focus Aquashield 3

    Pool scaling not only looks bad, but can lead to costly damage to pumps. Focus Aquashield3 removes tough calcium deposits from your pool’s pipes and walls. With proper calcium control, you can prevent costly mistakes and unhygienic water. 

  • Focus Banish Phosphate Remover

    Focus Banish Phosphate Remover

    Removing algae from your pool can be frustrating, and sometimes you need a different approach. Focus Banish Phosphate removes algae’s food source from your pool, starving it of nutrients. Stop your pool from flowering by dramatically reducing your water phosphate levels.

  • Focus Bling Clarifier

    Focus Bling Clarifier

    Keep your pool water clear with minimal effort! With Bling clarifying tablets you no longer have to spend time measuring and applying clarifiers to your pool. These single dose clarifying tablets go straight into your skimmer basket, that’s it!

  • Focus Cal Plus Calcium Chloride

    Focus Cal Plus Calcium Chloride

    Calcium hardness is the single most under tested component of pool chemistry. Low pool water calcium levels rapidly depreciate pool equipment. Stop calcium from burning a hole in your wallet with Focus Cal Plus.


    Focus Dry Acid

    Lowering the pH of your pool can be a daunting task. Focus Dry Acid lets you easily keep your swimming pool’s pH at healthy levels, keeping your pool water and swimmers safe.