Pool Chemicals

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  • Focus Filter Degreaser _ Cleaner

    Focus Filter Degreaser & Cleaner

    Keeping your pool’s filter clean is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy swimming environment. Prolong the life of your pool equipment and effectively kill harmful bugs. With Focus Filter Degreaser & Cleaner, your filter gets a deeper clean, helping it to perform at optimal conditions for longer.

  • Focus Granual Pool Floc 2kg

    Focus Granular Pool Floc

    Sometimes ordinary swimming pool water clarifiers just don’t cut the mustard. Focus Granular Pool Floc clears hard-to-clean pool water up to 9x faster than regular clarifiers. Refresh your pool quickly so that you can get back to swimming!

  • Focus Hydrochloric Acid

    Focus Hydrochloric Acid 5L

    Use Focus Hydrochloric Acid to reduce total alkalinity and pH in your swimming pool or spa.

    Follow the directions on the bottle for use.

  • Focus Hydroclear

    Focus Hydroclear

    Whether you’re closing your pool for winter or struggling with tough algae blooms, Focus Hydroclear is an effective treatment. Save money on expensive pool fixes. Keep your pool bacteria free and clear your water for those after work swims!

  • Focus Multi-Tabs

    Focus Multi-Tabs

    Managing swimming pool chlorination, algaecide and clarifier is no easy task. By using Focus Multi Tabs, your pool care routine becomes significantly easier. This 3in1 tablet works to keep your pool safe and clear with minimal effort.

  • Focus PH Buffer

    Focus pH Buffer

    Adjusting your pool water pH levels can be a complex process, but with Focus pH Buffer it doesn’t have to be. Easily control the acidity and alkalinity of your pool water and consistently maintain healthy pH levels with this effective pH buffer.

  • Focus PH Increase

    Focus pH Increase

    An acidic pool makes for a bad swimming experience. Red itchy eyes and expensive pool accessory fixes aren’t fun. Use Focus pH Increase to safeguard your pool and it’s swimmers from the harmful effects of low pH levels.

  • Focus Pool Sticks

    Focus Pool Sticks

    Looking for a solution to time-wasting pool chlorination? Here it is: Focus Pool Sticks. These high quality pool tablets offer easy sanitation for reducing the time spent maintaining your pool. Pre-stabilisation means consistent available chlorine for safe swimmers.

  • Focus Pool Tablets

    Focus Pool Tablets

    Adding chlorine to your pool has never been this easy! No more measuring and pouring chemicals. Simply dispense Focus Stabilised Pool Tablets into your swimming pool and your sanitation duty is done!