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Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems



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  • Noticeably softer, hygienically clean water.
  • No more red eyes or dry itchy skin.
  • Fewer additional chemicals required.
  • Less back flushing required.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Prolongs equipment life.
  • An environmentally friendly pool sanitizer.
  • Replaces traditional chlorinators.
  • Available with digital or analogue timers.
Max Pool Capacity Series 1000 - 45,000 Litres Series 2000 - 80,000 Litres Series 3000 - 120,000 Litres
Voltage Input 240 V AC 50Hz
Power 240 V AC 50Hz
Power Max 200W
Output Grams/Hour Ozone Up to 1g/hr
Weight (kg) 8.6 kg
Height (mm) 170
Width (mm) 470
Depth (mm) 170

Keeping your pool water clean is an important part of owning and looking after a pool. However, doing it wrong can leave you with red eyes, itchy skin, and a general sense of discomfort. Although chlorine used to be the solution to maintaining a safe environment for enjoyment, there is now a better solution – ozone! Ozone Swim pool systems provide a chemical-free alternative to pool and salt chlorinators.

Ozone Swim freshwater pool systems work by oxidizing your pool water with naturally-occurring ozone. This gives you better quality water without the hassle of adding chlorine and other chemicals.

Ozone is the only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, and viruses found in pool water, far exceeding the number killed by chlorine and other water treatments.

For a safe and healthy pool that ticks all the boxes, use Ozone Swim Pool Purification Systems.

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