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Actionable tips to keep your spa pool water clean

Sanitiser alone can’t fight off the everlasting battle between dirty and clean. It does a good job at keeping bacteria at bay, but it’s up to you to give spa sanitiser a fighting chance.

To prevent your spa getting dirty, follow through with these few steps below. And if it’s already grubby, it’s never too late to get your spa cleanliness on track.

Our tips to have bright fresh water in your spa pool:

Let’s dive in.

Give your hot tub a deep clean

Refill your tub with fresh, filtered water in these circumstances:

  1. When your sanitiser levels aren’t rising.
  2. Your spa is dirty beyond repair.
  3. Every three months or as your pool shop recommends.

Take the opportunity to deep clean the filters with cleaning chemicals and scrub down your spa while it’s empty, removing any scum that is otherwise difficult to remove.

Clean where you can’t see

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Some of the worst spa water problems can be due to dirty pipes. When biofilm starts to build up in a spa’s piping, bacteria is more likely to build up too. Keep your pipes clear with pipe cleaner, A regular use cleaner to avoid build up in your pipes.

Then there’s one other spa part that you’ll need to draw your attention to: the filters. Your poor pool filters work hard night and day clearing out contaminants in your spa water. In order for your filters to keep your spa water clean you’ll need to keep them clean.

Give them a brief hose down once a fortnight and a deep clean with a filter cleaner like Focus Filter Cleaner & Degreaser every few months.

Shock your spa regularly

You’ll need to remove chloramines or bromimines from your spa water at least once a week to maintain clear spa water. The options for shock-dosing are:

Always test for chlorine or bromine levels and top up as needed after a shock treatment – just in case.

Balance your spa chemistry

Before you even think about sanitising your spa, you’ll need to test the spa water for pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Then you can adjust as needed with these handy helpers:

Bromine and chlorine molecules are fussy, and will work best in water that has been balanced first. If the pH levels are imbalanced, spa sanitisers won’t attack contaminants and you could run into a foamy water problem.

If you’ve got foamy water and you’re strapped for time, you can always use an anti-foam, a quick fix for clearing foam from spa water.

It’s not practical to use anti-foam continuously. It’s cheaper and safer to just keep your spa chemistry balanced.

Shower before using your spa

If you’re wondering why your spa water is going cloudy, this could be the answer. The oils from skin and hair products can contaminate spa water and turn it into a murky mess.

Your filter can’t always pick up what comes off of our bodies. So, it’s best to wash oils off if you want your spa water to remain clear.

Just keep sanitising your spa

If you use bromine as a spa sanitiser, keep the dispenser floating around and take it out when you’re using the spa. Bromine levels in your spa need to remain between 3-5ppm.

As for chlorine, test the levels three times a week and shock at least once a week. Add additional chlorine tablets or granules when the levels are too low.

Chlorine levels in your spa need to remain between 1-3ppm.

Cover your hot tub

The air carries tiny particles, debris, and dust that can land in your spa pool and begin to build up if you regularly leave the lid off. So keep that lid on, unless of course you’re in your spa. This will reduce your heating costs too!

Keep on top of all of these tips and your spa will remain clean and clear!

Happy soaking.

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Adrian Hill
Adrian Hill

Hey! I'm Adrian, founder and pool expert here at Dolphin Pacific. I love spending time with family, fishing, and have been known to brew my own beer.

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