Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are swimming pool filtration tubes composed of modular synthetic strands of material such as polypropylene. The cartridge is encased and installed into the pool's circulation system. The pool pump pushes water through the filter where it catches debris and small particles, purifying the water before it re-enters the pool. Browse our range of high quality cartridge filters or contact us for free expert advice.

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  • Hayward-SwimClear™-Cartridge-Filter

    Hayward SwimClear™ Cartridge Filter

    Hayward’s newest addition to the SwimClear™ family is the SwimClear™ Cartridge Filter – the most efficient single element cartridge filter ever produced. For both new and aftermarket installations, the SwimClear™ captures more dirt than any other filter, for superior water clarity without the hard work.

  • Hayward SwimClear™ Quad Cluster

    The Hayward SwimClear™ reaches new horizons in cartridge filter technology. With four reusable polyester cartridge elements for a choice of heavy-duty or extra-long filter cycles, and tanks created from new, stronger, reinforced co-polymer the SwimClear™ is the ultimate in strength, durability, and long life – even for the toughest conditions.