Media Filters

Media Filters

Media filters extract contaminants such as small particles and insects out of your pool for clear, balanced water. Choose from sand or glass media filters for professional quality filtration and protection against waterborne illnesses. Browse our range of high quality media filters or getfree advice from one of our pool experts.

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  • EcoClear™ Glass Pool Filter Media

    This glass pool filter media offers the absolute best in swimming pool filtration. Save 50% more water when compared to sand filters. Glass media provides extremely effective filtering, keeping your pool cleaner and clearer for longer. Reduce the amount of waste ending up landfill and support marine life with an EcoClear glass pool media filter.


  • POWER21-Hayward-Powerline-Sand-Filter

    Hayward Powerline Sand Filter

    The Hayward Powerline Sand Filters offer the latest in pool technology with smooth, efficient flow and totally balanced backwashing. For crystal-clear sparkling water with minimum care, these filters set a new standard for value, performance, and dependability.

    The Powerline Sand Filters can be used for a range of pools, including above and below ground pools of all sizes, spa pools, as well as water features.

  • Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter

    The Hayward Pro Series™ Sand Filters are the very latest in pool filter technology. Molded from durable, corrosion-proof polymeric material, they can withstand any type of weather and conditions, making them perfect for any kind of pool including above and below ground pools of all sizes, spa pools, as well as water features (such as fish ponds, fountains and gardens).

    For sparkling, crystal-clear water and years of trouble-free use with minimal maintenance, look no further than the Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter for your pool filtering needs.

    If you’re looking for the best parts on the market, then the Hayward Pro Series™ is for you. However, we also stock a range of other water filters for all shapes and sizes of pools.

  • Noria Evo:S Media Fliter

    This superior swimming pool media filter offers expert design and long lasting quality. The Noria Evo:S can be used with sand or glass media for the absolute best in swimming pool filtration. Easy maintenance and reduced costs means extra value when it comes to your pool filter.