Chemicals (Spa)

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  • OSPA EZI Balance

    1L Focus Ezi Balance


    Adjusting your spa pH levels isn’t always straightforward. The OSPA Ezi Balance helps your water resist changing pH levels, remain balanced and keeps nasty bacteria in check. This safeguard for your spa’s circulation and heating system makes sure that your equipment lasts longer and pool water is clean and clear.

  • OSPA Hardness Increaser

    500g OSPA Hardness Increaser


    Soft water means corrosion to heat exchangers, staining and foam. With OSPA Hardness Increaser, you save money by preventing calcium-deficient water from damaging spa equipment. No more weary guests umming and ahhing over foamy water, this Hardness Increaser takes care of that too!

  • OSPA PH _ TA UP Alkalinity Increaser

    500g OSPA PH & TA UP Alkalinity Increaser


    Itchy, red skin and harmful illnesses don’t make for a relaxing or enjoyable spa pool experience. With OSPA Alkalinity Increaser, you’ll never have to worry about the consequences of low pH spa water. This spa pH increaser works to safely increase your water alkalinity, preventing unsanitary water and annoying skin conditions.  

  • OSPA Serenity Fragrant Water Softener

    500g OSPA Serenity Fragrant Water Softener


    Spa fixes and replacements can be expensive. With Serenity Fragrant Water Softener, you can lengthen the life of your spa by reducing mineral buildup. This fresh smelling water softener keeps your spa water safe and clear by effectively absorbing calcium and magnesium. 

  • OSPA Water Polish

    500ml OPSA Water Polish


    Loosen up those sore muscles in clean, clear water with OSPA Water Polish! This effective clarifier works to rid your spa pool of tricky particles that your filter just can’t manage. Experience a more hygienic soak and water savings while keeping your spa consistently polished. 

  • OSPA Anti Foam

    500ml OSPA Anti Foam


    Your friends are coming over for a BBQ tonight, but you pull off the spa pool cover only to be met with gross foamy water. What do you do? OSPA Anti Foam to the rescue! This fast acting spa pool foam killer uses powerful silicone agents to quickly remove foam from your spa water.

  • OSPA Refresh Pipe Cleaner

    500ml OSPA Refresh Pipe Cleaner


    Cleaning spa pool pipes is commonly overlooked, but extremely important to your spa health. Prevent biofilm build up from ruining your spa water circulation and causing unhygienic water. Give your pool an effective deep clean with OSPA Refresh Pipe Cleaner.

  • OSPA pH Down

    750g OSPA pH Down


    Your spa pool needs balance. When water becomes too alkaline, you risk expensive equipment fixes and unsafe water. OSPA pH Down slowly lowers pH to help your spa sanitiser keep your pool safe and clear. This effective pH lowering solution protects your spa equipment from blockages, saving you money on replacement costs.

  • OSPA Bromine Tablets

    OSPA Bromine Tablets


    Keeping your spa pool consistently maintained can be a balancing act. With OSPA Bromine Tablets you get protection from stains and bacteria that could lead to expensive replacements. This powerful spa sanitiser contains high quality bromine, keeping your spa clear, clean and polished, ready any time you are.