MAYTRONICS Dolphin Wave 75

If you’re looking for a quality commercial pool cleaner that is designed to last the distance and work even when you’re not there, then the Dolphin Wave 75 is for you. This model is ideal for commercial pools that are 10-20m in length. For larger pools that require a longer run time, and shallow pools with different requirements, check out the other cleaners in our Dolphin commercial range – Wave 20, Wave 100, and the Expert 2 x 2.

  • Active brushing function provides a thorough clean that efficiently removes algae and bacteria - reducing the need for chemicals.
  • The Dolphin Wave 75 pool robot is a reliable machine that is designed to last and operate on autopilot (once it’s set up).
  • The CleverClean scanning system accurately detects dirt to increase its cleaning efficiency and wash your pool in the minimal amount of time.
  • Comes with a remote control to enable both automatic and manual operation of the system. Through the remote, you can set the parameters and cleaning programs, and schedule when you would like it to run.
  • This model can also be used to clean your pool water line to effectively remove the built up oily layer of excessive dirt.
  • Comes with a swivel that prevents the cable from tangling.
  • You can easily find out when the filter bag is full, simply by looking at the indicator on the power supply.

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P/No. Description Cable Length Run Time (hours) RRP (excl. GST) RRP (incl. GST)
WAVE 75 CB WAVE 75 – 20m pool 24m 2/3/4 POA POA
WAVE 75 WB WAVE 75 – 20m pool 30m 2/3/4 POA POA