Keeping the water clean is a necessary part of owning and maintaining a pool. But doing it wrong can leave you with red eyes, itchy skin, and all-round general discomfort. Gone are the days where a pool chlorinator is needed to provide pool water that is safe for use – Ozone Swim Plus pool systems provide you with a chemical-free alternative to pool and salt chlorinators.


Ozone Swim Plus freshwater pool systems oxidise your pool water with naturally-occurring ozone to give you better quality water without the added hassle of chlorine and other chemicals, before converting the ozone to oxygen for noticeably softer pool water. Ozone is the only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, and viruses found in pool water, far exceeding the number killed by chlorine and other water treatments.

  • Noticeably softer and cleaner water, meaning no more red eyes or dry itchy skin;
  • A natural alternative for pool sanitisation, with fewer additional chemicals needed;
  • Easy to install and maintain, meaning less back flushing and general maintenance required;
  • Prolongs equipment life, further reducing pool-related costs;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Available with digital or analogue timers.

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P/No. Description RRP (excl. GST) RRP (incl. GST)
OZSW1000P Ozone Swim – Complete 1000 PLUS (10 Amp) 45,000L POA POA
OZSW2000P Ozone Swim – Complete 2000 PLUS (20 Amp) 80,000L POA POA
OZSW3000P Ozone Swim – Complete 3000 PLUS (30 Amp) 120,000L POA POA