Pool Pumps

A pool pump is the main internal organ of your swimming pool. Pumps suck water into your pool through the skimmers and/or main drains, through your filter and back into your pool. Browse our selection of premium pool pumps or contact us for free expert advice.

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  • Hayward Maxflow VS pool pump

    Hayward Maxflow VS


    Taking the first step in energy efficiency is simple with the MaxFlo™ VS Variable Speed Pump. The Hayward MaxFlo™ VS pool pump is the easiest, most affordable way to add convenient scheduling and smart control to existing pool filtration.

    The MaxFlo™ VS offers up to 80% energy reduction when compared to most other residential pool pumps, meaning that there won’t be a long wait for a return on your investment.

    The MaxFlo™ VS is suitable for in-ground, on-ground and above-ground applications. It can also be used in spa pool systems and water features.

  • Hayward Power Flo II

    Hayward Power-Flo II™


    Manually priming your pool is a thing of the past with the Hayward Power-Flo II self-priming above ground pool pump.

    Reduce the amount of time spent maintaining your pool with automated priming technology! Having issues your pool pump?

    Check out our fresh pool pump troubleshooting guide. 



  • Hayward Super II Eco™

    Hayward Super II Eco


    Looking for a pool pump that’s as efficient as it is dependable? Then this is the only pool pump you will ever need. 

    Designed for in-ground pools and spas of all sizes, the Hayward Super II Eco™ combines outstanding performance with quiet, efficient operation for a reliable pump that will go the distance.

    Having issues your pool pump? Check out our fresh pool pump troubleshooting guide. 

  • Hayward Super Pump VS

    Hayward Super Pump VS

    Hayward’s best-selling Super Pump® just got even better. This energy-saving variable speed pump now offers you automated control over your existing pool equipment. The Super Pump® VS is the easiest, most affordable way to add convenient scheduling and smart control to your pool. And with an 8 star energy rating, you can save on running costs while you spend time by the pool.

  • Hayward Super™ Single-Speed Pool Pump

    Hayward Super Single-Speed Pool Pump


    The Hayward Super™ Pump is the best-selling single-speed pump worldwide, and for good reason. Combining quality, durability, and efficiency, the Super™ Pump has all the qualities you expect from a Hayward product.

    Designed for pools of all sizes, the Hayward Super™ Pump combines proven performance with quiet, efficient, and dependable operation for the only pool pump you will ever need.

    While the Hayward Super™ Pump is suitable for most pool sizes and configurations, we also provide the Hayward Super II™ Pump which you can find here.

  • Hayward Tristar ™VS

    Hayward Tristar VS


    Never worry about high power bills again with the Hayward Tristar ™VS. Saving you up to 90% on swimming pool running costs!

    Enjoy a powerful pool pump without the noise. The Super Silent Operation technology means your sunny family BBQ by the pool goes undisturbed.